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Hound Archons

The chosen servants of some gods.

4e Racial Traits

5'5" - 6'"9

160 - 260 lbs

+2 Strength, +2 Constitution or +2 Wisdom


5 squares / 25ft

Low-Light Vision

Common Supernul

+2 Religion, +2 Endurance

Archon Brutality You gain proficiency with a great sword. In addition it becomes a Brutal 1 weapon. This increases to brutal two at level 11 and again to brutal 3 at level 21.

Meditation You only need to sit for four hours to have the effect of an extended rest.

True Faith When you wear Half-scale merged with half cloth,leather,hide you gain a +2 to you AC and Plus one to your will.

Play an Hound Archon if you want...

  • Look like one of Set's Minions
  • Be a mighty fighter, that none can stand before.
  • Look Evil in the face
  • To be a member of a race that favors the Fighter, Cleric, or Paladin classes.

Physical Qualities

They live to be about 1500 years old.

Playing an Hound Archon

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