This wiki contains a lot of non-canonical material (that is, created by wiki contributors as a part of their own gaming, not taken from any officially published book). We distinguish among the following editions:

  • 0e — the "zeroth" edition (the original five booklets of 197x, re-released in 2013)
  • 1e — any edition of the first D&D (Holmes-1977, Moldvay-1981, Mentzer-198x, Denning-199x, Allston-199x) of the BECMI kind or the first edition of AD&D (Gygax 1977-1987)
  • 2e — either second edition of AD&D or its expansion (Players' Option)
  • 3e — D&D 3.0 or D&D 3.5
  • 4e — D&D 4
  • 5e — D&D Next or D&D 5

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