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The art of healing is the greatest form of magic.

Prerequisite: Songweaver, Flute of the Healer Instrument Mastery


A healer.

Healing is considered by some the most noble profession that a person gifted with magical talent can take up. Thus, you have dedicated both your songs and your magic to the art of healing. You are a master of the art, and all will come to you for aid, from the lowest of social castes, to the mightiest of heroes, for you never refuse healing to those who truely need it.

You feel anger towards those who concern themselves only with death and distruction, and you may find it hard to see the value in the wizard, who wastes his gifts in fire and death, but you see the value in fighting for the innocent, and will raise your voice in songs of war as the need arises.

Healer Path FeaturesEdit

Healing Action (11th Level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you can healing surge, but regain no hit points. Instead, an ally within 5 squares of you regains hit points as if he or she had spent a healing surge.
Hands of a Healer (11th Level): You gain two additional uses of your Healing Touch power per day. You also gain two extra healing surges.
Empowered Healing Melody (16th Level): When you use your Healing Melody power, you roll d8's instead of d6's for the number of hit points regained.

Healer SpellsEdit

Music of Healing Healer Utility 11
Your restful song revitalises and inspirits your ally.
Usage::Encounter ✦ Arcane, Healing
Action Type::Minor Action Close burst 5
Target: You or one ally in burst
Effect: Spend two healing surges, but regain no hit points. The target regains hit points as if it had spent two healing surges, and regains additional hit points equal to your Charisma modifier.
Flute of the Healer: The target regains additional hit points equal to your Wisdom modifier.

Aria of Compassion Healer Utility 12
The magic woven into your fair song heals your allies.
Usage::Encounter ✦ Arcane, Healing
Action Type::Standard Action Close burst 10
Target: Each ally in burst
Effect: Each target can spend a healing surge and regains additional hit points equal to your Charisma modifier.

Aria of the Healer Healer Utility 20
Your song throws off your allies' burdens.
Usage::Daily ✦ Arcane
Action Type::Minor Action Close burst 3
Target: You and each ally in burst.
Effect: Each target can spend a healing surge. Until the end of the encounter, each target can re-roll a single failed saving throw each round as a free action.

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