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A Handy Watchbeast doing a dangerous thing

Handy Watchbeast Edit

{{#set:Name=Handy Watchbeast|CR=5|Size=Medium|Summary=A terrifying, yet easily tricked wielder of time|Type=Monstrous Humanoid}}

Handy Watchbeast

CR 5

fighter 4
CN Medium Monstrous Humanoid
Init/Senses +8/Listen -1, Spot -1
Languages Gnome
AC 21, touch 20, flat-footed 13
(+1 natural, +2 deflection, +8 dexterity)
hp 18 (4 HD)
Fort/Ref/Will 3/12/0
Speed 40 ft. (8 squares)
Melee Unarmed strike +13 (1d3+8)
Base Atk/Grp +4/+3
Abilities Str 8, Dex 26, Con 8, Int 8, Wis 8, Cha 6
SQ Evasion, Break Time, Bend Time, Improved Grab
Feats Lightning Reflexes, Spiritual Weapon (Unarmed), Improved Unarmed Strike, Weapon Focus (Unarmed Strike), Combat Reflexes
Skills Balance +12
Evasion If the Handy Watchbeast succeeds on a Reflex save for half damage, it takes no damage instead.
Break Time The Handy Watchbeast can sacrifice one of its watches as a swift action in order to gain an extra turn, as per time stop, but only for 1 turn. Sacrificing a watch gives the Handy Watchbeast a negative level.
Bend Time The Handy Watchbeast can release stored energy in its watches as a swift action. It takes 1 point of nonlethal damage, but gets a +10 bonus to Dexterity for the round.
Improved Grab The Handy Watchbeast can initiate a grapple whenever it hits with a melee attack.

Strategies and TacticsEdit

The Handy Watchbeast can attempt a variety of things, probably some of them involving 9 Attacks of Opportunity per round. When those fail, the Handy Watchbeast can use Break Time to run away.

Sample EncountersEdit

A Handy Watchbeast is about to pick up a watch from a bear trap. When you come across it, however, it becomes very defensive, and tries to send you away.


Environment: Forests and places with a lot of gears or watches.

Alignment: Handy Watchbeasts are consumed with a desire to collect watches. Perhaps because this has a very measurable effect on their power. They care not for society, but aren't particularly spiteful, so they tend to be Chaotic Neutral.

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