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Greater Zombi Powder (Dread Codex Equipment)

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Zombi Powder, Greater

[[Summary::This horrific substance is used by undead cultists to simultaneously slay their enemies and reanimate them as true zombis.]] Unlike most potions, greater zombie powder is not consumed by the user, but is released into the air for others to breathe. Greater zombie powder creates a 5-foot radius cloud either directly in front of the user (if blown at a target), or at the point of impact (if thrown). Using greater zombie powder is dangerous and requires a Concentration check (DC 5) to avoid inhaling it.

Any living being who breathes greater zombie powder must succeed a Fortitude save (DC 20) or immediately die. Even on a successful save, a target still takes 3d6+10 points of damage. Any humanoid killed by greater zombie powder rises up as a true zombie at the following sunset. Reanimation can be prevented by using fire, salt, acid, or holy water on the body, or by dismembering the corpse with a holy or blessed weapon.

Moderate necromancy; CL 9th; Brew Potion, animate dead, slay living; Price Cost::3,088 gp.

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