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Greater Vestigial Wings [Abyssal Heritor] Edit

Your wings, already slowing your fall, are now strong enough to give you true flight.

Prerequisite:Vestigial Wings, Str 15, Level 10, Any other 4 Abyssal Heritor Feats

Benefit: Your wings have become strong enough to lift you through the skies and soar on the winds. You gain the ability to fly 60ft (clumsy) for 1 hour; with your flight ability going up one category for every 4 Abyssal Heritor feats, your flight speed going up by +10ft for every 3 Abyssal Heritor feats, and your flight time going up by 10 minutes for every 2 Abyssal Heritor feats you posses.

Special:Flying through the air has made you clumsy on the ground, and you now take -10ft to your base land speed.

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