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Golognorg is a brew that became popularized by its use during wartime, where permanent magical items were stretched thin among the upper ranks of commanders and officers. Vials of golognorg would be passed out to the heavy hitting brutes of frontline combat. With their expendable nature, it meant the enemy forces were less likely to get their hands on precious equipment while allowing them to attack fully powered well away from a base and without a spellcaster on hand. The brew gained a reputation as a man's last drink. The great flow of power from it released in the drinker often led to reckless abandon, later resulting in death. Often nowadays, the brew is saved until it is needed as a last ditch effort. The origins of its name actually lay in a long forgotten combat maneuver.

This archpotion grants the drinker the effects of:

Rage's ability score bonus (a morale bonus) stacks with that granted by bull’s strength and bear’s endurance (enhancement bonuses).

  • Duration 5 rounds = 4,380 gp.
  • Duration 5 minutes = 5,880 gp.
  • Duration 50 minutes = 8,880 gp.

Brew Archpotion CalculationsEdit

This item is crafted using the Brew Archpotion feat.

  • Minimum caster level of 5 (to cast rage, the highest level component spell).
  • Spells Infused:
  • DC = 14 = 10 + 3 (highest component spell level) + 1 (Modifier of a Key Ability of 13 necessary to cast 3rd level spells)
  • Base Price = 5,880 gp = 1,220 gp + 1,220 gp + 1,220 gp + 2,220 gp.
  • Duration = 5 Minutes.
  • EXP Cost = 1/25(5,880) = 235 EXP.
  • GP Cost = 1/2(5,880) = 2,940 gp to make.
  • Optional Duration Prices:
  • Duration 5 Rounds = 4,380 gp = 970 gp + 970 gp + 970 gp + 1,470 gp.
  • Duration 50 Minutes = 8,880 gp = 1,720 gp + 1,720 gp + 1,720 gp + 3,720 gp.

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