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Gokiburi (3.5e Monster)

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The air clouds with smoke bombs thrown through the windows, your visibility shot and only the horrible clatter and chitter of those bugs after you. They can hear your very heartbeat, coming ever closer on all four chitinous legs with alien weapons in hand.

The gokiburi are a race of insect-like aliens from another world, equipped with technology beyond understanding and and an organized society willing and able to move in lockstep. Duty is important to the gokiburi, and when the duty turns to war, the gokiburi are a fiercely organized force to face.


In groups gokiburi immediately attempt to form a strategy and work together, one often acting as decoy while others flank and attack. This is especially true for the hunters, who benefit from sneak attack. By abusing (or creating) environmental effects, and ensuring the enemy underestimates (or sometimes even overestimates) their numbers, they can drive off foes much stronger than them.

Alone, a gokiburi suffers a bit. It employs the same tactics but resorts to hiding, hit and run, and attempts to blind the enemy where they will be much more hampered than the gokiburi would be. Drones prefer swarm tactics, while psykers handle recon and battlefield control, and the hunters making powerful strikes from cover or through sheer numbers.

Powers (Ps): Gokiburi psions, also known as psykers, typically are seers, and have the usually possess the following power selection: 1st—crystal shard, force screen, psionic grease, inertial armor, vigor; 2nd—clairvoyant sense, control sound.

Persistent (Ex): The sense of duty is hard-coded into their genes, and with their durable bodies they can move on even as they die. When dying (below 0 hp but not yet dead) they may take a full round action instead of a standard or move action, but take 2 points of damage if they do.

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