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Created By
The Demented One
Date Created: 12/13/2008
Status: Complete
Editing: Spelling and grammar only

{{#set:Summary=Reload a firearm as a swift action. }} {{#set:Discipline=Black Rain|Type=Boost}}

Gather the Storm
Black Rain (Boost)
Level: Level::1
Initiation Action: 1 swift action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: Instantaneous

Reloading a fired gun is an awkward and ponderous task — ejecting the used cartridge, pouring in black powder, loading a ball, ramming it down. But with a quick hand, a masterful finesse, and a through knowledge of the mechanisms of a firearm, such a task can be done in seconds.

When you initiate this maneuver, you may load any firearm you are holding. In addition, this maneuver allows you to load a gun even if you cannot use your hands — if, for example, you are holding a pistol in each hand, or have your hands tied behind your back. Through superhuman feats of coordination you can use your mouth, feet, and all your body to help load a gun, as long as you are not fully incapable of movement.

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