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I have been brainstorming with the voices in my head and have come up with an expansion on Tactical feats that will be (in theory) unique to this wiki.

Joint Maneuver Feat Edit

A joint maneuver feat is a special category of Tactical feat that allows two or more characters to use their different abilities in a combined assault.


  • There are multiple sets of prerequisites, one for each member needed to use the feat.
  • The feat can only be used with a character who also has the feat and fulfills the other part of prerequisites.
  • Each feat has three parts: set up, action, and execution. Set up details where the characters have to be in relation to each other. Action details the action taken to activate the feat. Execution details the final result of a successful action.

Example- Arial Boost Edit

Prerequisites A- Str 15, Fling Ally

Prerequisites B- Jump 6 ranks

Set up- Ally B is within charging distance of Ally A with no intervening obstacles.

Action- Ally B uses the charge action on Ally A, who also makes a ranged attack roll.

Execution- If both attacks hit, Ally A flings Ally B into the air a number of feet equal to the amount Ally A's attack roll exceeded Ally B's AC. In addition, Ally B can choose to continue the charge action vertically. This can either be toward an airborne target he can now reach, or a target on a solid surface behind Ally A. If The distance thrown would result in falling damage, Ally B can make a jump check as per normal jumping down to deliver the falling damage to a target below him.

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