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I've finally decided to start running a game on IRC. It'll be using the Iron Heroes system, and the Red Hand of Doom module. If you're not familiar with Iron Heroes, that's fine - it's very similar to D&D, and easy to pick up, and I can help with that. Red Hand of Doom is about an army of invading hobgoblins, soon to overrun the land. And I'll leave it at that. It really is an excellent module, though - perhaps the best one I've ever seen. The PCs will start as a small group, who may or may not have worked together previously (up to you individually) who have been hired to clean out a trade route that's been having problems with simple bandit attacks.

Game time: Mondays, 7pm eastern time. Game will last hopefully between 3 and 4 hours.
Starting level: *Likely* 5. May be bumped to 6 due to lack of players, or 4 due to glut.
Players are *not* first come first serve, people who I know for longer are more likely to get in.

Karrius 22:54, May 30, 2010 (UTC)

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