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Thought I'd add a space to update the random things I (and others) write up about D&D, or find interesting about it. Comments are welcome, as are the things others write about :-)
For a start, though I'd add some updates on places I've been blogging outside the wiki; where, here, we all understand the balance point and (obviously, since we write it) accept the homebrew exists and should he used, there are places that abhor homebrew, immediately citing it as overpowered, broken, and munchkinny. One of these places includes many people on a forum I often play at, The Tangled Web; there are people who, no matter what argument, won't change their stance on homebrew. However, there are also newbies who haven't completely made up their mind, or others who are on the fence, and it's to illuminate their minds that I write the posts that I do there in the blogs section.
Two blogs I've written up recently are on my current project, and also one on how homebrew feats can be a good thing and open up new options. I plan on writing one in the near future in a similar fashion, but on classes, class design, and "pre-optimization without much possibility of optimization". Stay tuned!
One post that caught my eye was this one, and... well, you can see for yourself the opinions of the author. I'm hoping that I was able to be "soft" enough not to raise their defenses immediately so that they won't respond out of anger, emotionally at feeling attacked, and so that I might show them that non-core material isn't necessarily broken. There was a bit more I wanted to add, and I'll add it if they're receptive. If not... well, I guess the only thing I wasted was some of my time. Hope you enjoy reading it! --Ghostwheel 09:11, March 9, 2010 (UTC)

On class design (or why the Fighter Sucks). Let me know if anything looks out of place... --Ghostwheel 10:26, March 13, 2010 (UTC)
Not so much writing about D&D, but I may be starting another game soon. Post there if you're interested ;-) --Ghostwheel 09:12, March 19, 2010 (UTC)
Much facepalming ensued. Check out my response, and please post as well so that people don't continue believing in drivel that's both stupid, wrong, and stupid-wrong. If there was a better word I'd use it, but it's almost five in the morning, so I'm going to get some sleep now. --Ghostwheel 11:50, April 30, 2010 (UTC)

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