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Created By
Sam Kay (talk)
Date Created: 6th September 2009
Status: Complete
Editing: Please feel free to edit constructively!

Flute of healing Level 2+
A beautifully crafted flute that heals those that listen to its melodies.
Level 2+1520 gpLevel 17+465000 gp
Level 7+22600 gpLevel 22+5325000 gp
Level 12+313000 gpLevel 27+61625000 gp

Implement (Flute)
Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d6 damage per plus
Property: Attack rolls and damage rolls
Power (4e Item Usage::Daily ♦ healing): 4e Item Action Type::Minor Action. Until the end of your turn, any character healed by one of your encounter powers regains an additional 1d6 hit points.
Level 12 or 17: Regains an additional 2d6 hit points.
Level 22 or 27: Regains an additional 3d6 hit points.

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