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Date Created: 3/08/2009
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This page details a weapon with special rules for enhancing and using its magic properties; for more information, see Ray Weapons in Eberron.


Summary::Forged of ruddy iron and copper, these ray weapons are capable of unleashing swift volleys of flame. A firewand shoots a ray of concentrated heat with a range of 50 ft. that deals 4d6 fire damage. However, unlike most ray weapons, shooting a firewand requires only an attack action, not a standard action: thus, it is possible to make a full attack with a firewand. It is possible to create firewands that deal cold or electricity damage; to do so, substitute ice storm or lightning bolt for scorching ray in the item's requirements.

Strong Evocation, CL 11th. Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wondrous Item, scorching ray. Cost 20,000 gp + 1,600 xp. Price Cost::40,000 gp.

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