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Feral Bite (4e Feat)

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Feral Bite [Gnoll]

Tier: Heroic

Prerequisite: Gnoll

Benefit: You can use your fangs in combat, allowing you to use feral bite as an at-will power.

Feral Bite Feat Power
You bring your fangs to bare, tearing into your opponent's flesh.
Action Type::Standard Action Melee
Target: One creature
Attack: [[4e Index (4e Other)#Ability Scores|Strength + 2]] Vs. [[4e Index (4e Other)#AC defense|AC]]
Hit: 1d8 + Strength modifier damage. Increase to 2d8 + Strength modifier damage at 21st level.
Special: When using this power against a bloodied target, you deal an extra 2 points of damage. This bonus stacks with your blood fury racial ability.

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