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Date Created: March 15 2008
Status: Playable
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Feat Purchasing Edit

This variant rule allows characters to turn skill points into feats by investing in a new skill. This new skill is always a class skill for all classes.

Feat Training (None)Edit

Action: Not applicable. The Feat Training skill doesn't work like other skills. Feat Training works as follows:

For every 6 ranks you invest into this skill, you may select a bonus feat. You must meet all prerequisites for the bonus feat, and it may not be a feat that grants skill points in any form.

This basically means if you spend skill points on Feat Training every chance you get, you gain a bonus feat at 3rd, 9th, 15th, and 21st level.

Retry: Not applicable. There are no Feat Training checks to fail.

--Rebuilt by Risek, Reposted by Eiji-kun.

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