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Date Created: 3/08/2009
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This page details a weapon with special rules for enhancing and using its magic properties; for more information, see Ray Weapons in Eberron.

Essence Disruptor

Summary::Developed in the conflict of the Last War as a counter to enemy spellcasters, an ''essence disruptor'' is a potent antimagical weapon, a bulkily constructed ray weapon of cold iron. An essence disruptor fires a beam of pure white light, a ray with a range of 40 ft. Any spellcaster or artificer hit by the beam loses one random prepared spell, spell slot, or infusion of the highest level they can cast. A psionic character hit by the beam loses a number of power points equal to their manifester level.

Faint Abjuration, CL 5th. Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wondrous Item, dispel magic. Cost 9,000 gp + 720 xp. Price Cost::18,000 gp.

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