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Elven N’Sathii Ring

{{#set:Summary=Provides a deflection bonus and resistance bonus, as well as specific bonuses against undead.}}

The elven word “n’sathii” refers to an ancient ritual wherein an elf is blessed by the high goddess of good against undead. The enspelled elf then led a small force against the nearest undead concentration and destroyed it. This ritual worked, to a lesser extent, on non-elves as well but was rarely performed unless the need was truly dire.

An elven n’sathii ring provides a variable deflection bonus to AC and resistance bonus to saving throws depending on the wearer’s race: +3 for elves, +2 for half-elves, +1 for non-elves. Half-elves also gain immunity to the paralyzing touch of a ghast. Finally, the ring negates a number of energy drain or ability drain attacks per day equal to its bonus. Each energy or ability drain negated reduces the protection and resistance bonus of the ring by 1 for 24 hours, after which time the bonus is automatically restored.

Moderate necromancy; CL 9th; Forge Ring, creator must be an elven cleric, bless, death ward, resistance, shield of faith; Price Cost::68,400 gp.

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