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Electric MandolinEdit

This mandolin, sturdy and solid, is reinforced for combat but still capable of a fine melody. Created for the purpose of preventing jerks from smashing your instrument as well as adding some class to an otherwise plain chunk of wood, this weapon is a favorite of musical types who need to show their critics that it doesn't pay to heckle.

In combat, it is a +2 greatclub of shock which deals an extra 1d6 electricity damage. In addition, when used as an instrument, it provides a +4 circumstance bonus on Perform (stringed instrument) skill checks.

  • The +4 circumstance noted above is derived from the weapon's enhancement bonus stacked with the masterwork instrument's bonus.

Caster Level: 9th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms & Armor, lightning bolt, Cost to Create: 26,000 gp (plus 305 for the masterwork greatclub component and 100 for the masterwork mandolin component), 1,040 XP, 26 Days to create.

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