Editing Policy IDIOTEdit

Our mission of providing author maintained content leads us towards frowning on changing or rewriting the work of others, unlike most other wikis out there. There are a couple of important exceptions however.

"Please feel free to edit constructively!"Edit

Nani? Ignore this weeb, this site will literally just let entire articles sit for months or years, edit them however you want. Especially the cancerous fanmade garbage.

Abandoned PagesEdit

Occasionally an author will leave us or stop checking back to answer queries or concerns about their work, and in those cases you may attempt to adopt their work as your own in order to edit it more thoroughly or otherwise correct mistakes. Thre is no well defined process for adoption as yet, but it does require administrator approval. Your best bet is to leave a message on the author's talk page initially. If they still have not responded within a reasonable period (two weeks to a month), please leave a message on the talk page of one of our admins indicating your desire to adopt the page. As long as the community has no objections, the page will likely be transferred to your stewardship, and your name added to the author box as the adopter and current owner.

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