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Date Created: 2008
Status: Complete
Editing: Spelling and grammar only
Balance: Wizard

Dreadful Demeanor [Skill]

People know you're a badass motherfvcker the instant you enter the room. {{#set:Summary=People know you're a badass motherfvcker the instant you enter the room. }}

Benefits: This is a skill feat that scales with your ranks in Intimidate{{#set:Skill=Intimidate}}.

  • 0 ranks: You gain +3 to your Intimidate checks. Intimidate is always a class skill for you.
  • 4 ranks: You can demoralize an opponent as a move action.
  • 9 ranks: Opponents you've demoralized remain Shaken until they lose sight of you.
  • 14 ranks: Opponents who would be Panicked because of your fear effects are Cowered instead for the duration of the effect.
  • 19 ranks: Any time you confirm a critical hit in melee, your target is Cowered until they lose sight of you. This is a fear effect.{{#set:Type=Skill}}{{#set:Prerequisite=None}}

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