How this page might be updatedEdit

This page will not be updated automatically. Here is one way to do it manually. Please feel free to change this section, if you find a more elegant solution, but this one is at least easier than editing each link individually.

• Go to all articles of Wikipedia's Dungeons & Dragons project
• Mark all entries and copy into column B of an Excel sheet.
• Repeat this for all following pages and copy each of them below the former.
• Sort.
• Delete the cells that contain only a letter.
• Let Excel replace „Talk:“ by „“ (nothing).
• Copy-past column B to column D.
• Mark column B and let Excel replace every „ „ (space) by „_“.
• Type „[[wikipedia:“ into column A and draw it down, so that you have that entry in front of each entry in column B.
• Type „|“ into column C and draw down.
• Type „]]< br >“ into column E and draw down (without the spaces between „<“, „br“ and „>“, of course).
• Copy column A through E into Editor.
• Mark one of the resulting tab-spaces and replace it by „“ (nothing).
• Mark everything and replace existing list with new one.
• Update date in „Statusdate“ template.

What is this page for?Edit

Wikipedia has many articles on the topic of D&D, but it has a somewhat different aim (real world perspective, notability). The existing articles there can be a good basis to start articles here, rather than creating them from the very beginning. If you search for anything already covered at Wikipedia, you will be pointed to this list, and you will be provided with a link. Daranios 20:22, 25 January 2009 (UTC)

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