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In the World of Greyhawk campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, Zilchus is the Oeridian god of Power, Prestige, Money, Business, and Influence. His holy symbol is a pair of hands clutching a bag of gold.



Zilchus is the brother of Kurell, and husband of Sotillion (and thus related by marriage to Procan, Merikka, and the Velaeri). He is a staunch ally of Rao, and acts as a dealmaker between deities.


The realm of Zilchus is the Marketplace Eternal. He shares this domain with several mercantile deities from other worlds, including Waukeen, Sera (of the Birthright campaign setting), and Shinare, all of them combining their assets for mutual benefit. The realm is a vast bazaar run by the souls who held one of these four gods as their primary patron in life, continuing their occupations in the hereafter. Zilchus' quarter of the Marketplace Eternal is called the Seat of Luxury.





Zilchus' church is the state religion of Ahlissa and Dyvers, and is also strong in Perrenland, Rel Astra, Irongate, and the North Kingdom.


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