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The Wind Dukes of Aaqa, also known as the Vaati, are fictional characters of legend in the World of Greyhawk campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. They were powerful lords of the elemental plane of air.


In the pre-history of the world, the Wind Dukes' empire spanned all of the elemental planes and many worlds of the Prime Material. Eventually, they became a major player in a great war, representing the forces of Law against a powerful entity known as the Queen of Chaos. Seven of their number, known as the "Wandering Dukes," created a powerful artifact known as the Rod of Law, which was used in the Battle of Pesh to slay the Queen of Chaos's greatest general, Miska the Wolf-Spider. The rod was sundered in the battle, fragmenting to form the Rod of Seven Parts.[1]

Known Wind DukesEdit

The following Wind Dukes are known by name:

  • Icosiol, one of the seven "Wandering Dukes." Wind Duke general slain by Miska the Wolf Spider at the Battle of Pesh.
  • Nadroc, an architect of Wind Duke tombs.
  • Qadeej, one of the seven "Wandering Dukes." Defeated Miska the Wolf Spider at the Battle of Pesh.
  • Zosiel, a Wind Duke warrior slain by the demon Kizarvedexus at the Battle of Pesh.

Age of WormsEdit

In the Age of Worms Adventure Path, the Wind Dukes figured heavily as an element of the backstory that brings the characters into the campaign and sets them on the path toward confronting the primary opponents of the storyline.

The Wind Dukes in Oriental AdventuresEdit

In the Oriental Adventures setting, the Wind Dukes lived in a valley, Aaqa, was located in the northwestern area of the Adribandha mountains.[2]

See alsoEdit

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