Setting Generic
Home Unknown
Gender Unknown
Race Unknown


| image     = 
| caption   = 
| name      = 
| aliases   = 
| setting   = 
| home      = 
| gender    = 
| race      = 
| dob       = 
| death     = 
| destroyed = 
| age       = 
| class     = 
| rules     = 
| alignment = 
| source    = 
| page      = 

Explanation Edit

image =  
Optional. Use a standard [[image tag]].
Optional. Use this to create an image caption.
name =  
The name of the person. Should be the name by which they are most frequently known, or their full name if that would not be clear.
aliases =  
Any other names, nicknames or titles this person goes by.
setting =  
The campaign setting that the character belongs to.
home =  
Either their place of birth, most frequent location, or both.
gender =  
As you think best.
race =  
Human, elf, dwarf, orc, etc.
dob =  
Optional. Date of Birth. When the person was born.
death =  
Optional. When the person died.
destroyed = 
Optional. When an undead person faced final death.
age =  
Optional. The person's age as of the present year in the Realms. Can be approximate. Where necessary, state the year upon which the current age is based.
class =  
Optional. If possible, use the {{class table}} template.
rules =  
Optional. Only works in conjunction with the class option. Describes the version of D&D rules that apply to the class level(s) listed. Choose "1st", "2nd", "3rd", or "3.5".
alignment = 
Optional. Do not use the {{alignment grid}} template. That template is only for {{organizations}}, {{classes}}, and {{creatures}}.
source =  
Optional. Use the book citation templates to cite the book(s) and page number(s) the information in this template has come from.
page =  
Optional. If the source parameter is used, this must also be used. The page number in the given source.

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