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This is the template used to list D&D monsters. Please note that this template does not include the table headers, which must be added manually, but only offers an easier way to add information about a specific monster. A new set of parameters must be filled in for each monster.


Most commonly used fields-

{{D&D creature list

All fields-

{{D&D creature list




The name of the monster as printed in the book.


The page numbers that the monster is listed on in the book in question. Note that it may span several pages.


Other supplements, modules, video games etc that the monster has played a major role in, especially ones where statistics from other versions have been printed.


A very brief description of the monster from the source book, possibly including in-game appearance and abilities, alignment if relelvent to the concept and creative origins if a source can be found.


A link to an image of the monster used in the book being discussed. Only link if the image can be found on the Wizards of the Coast website, probably in the gallery.


A link to the monster's statistics as printed in that book. Link only if they are released under the OGL. A possible source for the stats would be

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