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This page details rules specific to the Teatrail Falls campaign and campaign setting.


Encumberance is handled by common sense, and it's a responsibility carried by the players, not the DM. The author of this article is not aware of any instance where people found accounting for weight fun. The author's opinion is that time is too precious to waste on things that are neither fun nor productive, so no totalling the weight of all the items a character is wearing unless you enjoy arithmatic.


Characters are as wealthy as their players feel they should be. The author feels that people have to pinch pennies and worry about accounting often enough in real life. Mundane items are freely available, magic items are rare and have their own system. Consumable magic items, poisons, and ritual components are left first to player discression, and then to DM discression when and if player discression gets out of hand.

Magic ItemsEdit

Characters get one magic item per level. They may give the DM a shopping list, which must be honored if it is legal. To be legal, it must follow the following system: Every 5 levels (1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, 21-25, and 26-30), there are 5 slots to allocate. They may be allocated in any order the player pleases. They are level +1, level +1, level +2, level +3, and level +4. For each time the character receives a level +4 item, they must have given up a magic item. This can be done as a replacement, explained in the narrative as an upgrade, example being a +1 weapon becoming a +2 weapon.


Characters do not gain XP as individuals. The campaign has a budget, which starts at 10. The level of all player characters is budget / 10, always rounding down. The guideline for budget per session / episode is number of hours played + number of players that were not wimpy about resting often to recover daily powers. This is done to streamline play, ensure leveling up happens between sessions, and reflect TV show realism where the characters can do flashier things as the budget for stunts and special effects goes up.

Player EmpowermentEdit

DMs are expected to only overrule players when there is a good reason. Even DMs can't break the above rules, or the rules for character creation. DM and players collaborate on the world and its events, and DM's should celebrate the times that the narrative is pulled in unforeseen directions.

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