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Character creation for Teatrail Falls is done by method 2 as described in the Player's Handbook, 4th edition. Only options from the Player's Handbook may be used. In addition to these mechanical considerations, several purely narrative elements should be defined.

  • Normal World - What does the character do between adventures? When the character goes home, this is who / what / where they go.
  • Mentor - Where does the character turn for advice and aid? Characters may have more than one mentor, and mentors can be abstract personifications like their own conscience, flashbacks to their past, etc...
  • Drive - What drives the character to leave the normal world for adventure? There are many reasons heros adventure, including fame, fortune, vengeance, and redemption just to name a few.
  • Anchor - What holds your character back from adventuring? This is a drive to stay, in whatever form. Fears work well here, as well as oaths or other commitments and responsibilities.

Characters created after the campaign is established begin play at an advanced level. In these cases, create a 1st level character as described above, then apply the benefits of levels gained. Keep in mind that magic items will be additional rewards for levels gained as described in the Teatrail Falls Rules.

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