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Teatrail Falls is an experimental setting, where gameplay is set in a hypothetical Dungeons & Dragons inspired TV show. It is being played with the 4th edition core rules, with heavy modification to encounter balancing, character advancement, and the rate at which magic items are awarded. Encumberance and wealth are not accounted for, using common sense for all but the acquisition of magic items. Character creation includes the definition of purely narrative elements with no mechanic. These elements include a normal world or day job the character returns to, a personal drive to leave that world for adventures, an anchor which holds the character back, and a mentor providing advice and in some cases materials.

While this wikia holds reference material on the people, places, and events of the campaign, it should be noted that this material will be changed to match what actual gameplay reveals of the world. This is not canon that players must adhere to, the players create canon that this documents.

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