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Spellcraft (Intelligence; Trained Only)Edit

Use this skill to identify spells as they are cast or spells already in place.

Spellcraft DCTask
13When using read magic, identify a glyph of warding. No action required.
15 + spell levelIdentify a spell being cast. (you must see or hear the spell's verbal or somatic components.) No action required. No retry.
15 + spell levelLearn a spell from a spellbook or scroll (wizard only). No retry for that spell until you gain at least 1 rank in spellcraft (even if you find another source to try to learn the spell from). Requires 8 hours.
15 + spell levelPrepare a spell from a borrowed spellbook (wizard only). One try per day. No extra time required.
15 + spell levelWhen casting detect magic, determine the school of magic involved in the aura of a single item or creature you can see. (If the aura is not a spell effect, the DC is 15 * one-half caster level.) No action required.
19When using read magic, identify a symbol. No action required.
20 + Spell LevelIdentify a spell that's already in place and in effect. You must be able to see or detect the effects of the spell. No action required. No retry.
20 + Spell LevelIdentify materials created or shaped by magic, such as noting that an iron wall is the result of a Wall of Iron spell. No action required. No retry.
20 + Spell LevelDecipher a written spell (such as a scroll) without using read magic. One try per day. Requires a full-round action.
25 + Spell LevelAfter rolling a saving throw against a spell targeted on you, determine what the spell was. No action required. No retry.
25Identify a potion. requires 1 minute. No retry.
20Draw a diagram to allow dimensional anchor to be cast on a magic circle spell. Requires 10 minutes. No retry. The DM makes this check.
30 or HigherUnderstand a strange or unique magical effect such as the effects of a magic stream. Time required varies. No retry.


You can identify spells and magic effects. The DCs for spellcraft checks relating to various tasks are summarized on the table above.


Varies, as noted above.

Try again:Edit

see above


  • If you are a specialist wizard, you get a +2 bonus on Spellcraft checks when dealing with a spell or effect from your specialty school. You take a -5 penalty when dealing with a spell or effect from a prohibited school. (and some tasks, such as learning a prohibited spell, are just impossible).


  • Additionally, certain spells allow you to gain information about magic, provided that you make a successful Spellcraft check as detailed in the spell description. (For example, see the detect Magic spell.)

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