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Player's HandbookEdit


Acid Fog - 2d6 acid damage in 20x20ft radius

Acid Splash - 1d3 damage of acid

Aid - +1 morale bonuus on attack rolls and saves vs. fear effects, plus temp. hit points for target

Air Walk - Walk on air

Alarm - Wards area, sounds alarm if creature enters

Align Weapon - Makes weapon Lawful, Neutral, or Chaotic

Alter Self - Assume physical qualities and appearance of creature of your same type

Analyze Dweomer - Examine magical properties of 1 creature/object per round

Animate Plants - Animated plant attacks enemies

Animate Rope - Make a rope "coil", "tie", "loop", "knot", or relevant combinations or reverses of the aforementioned.

Antilife Shell - Prevents entry of most living creatures

Antimagic Field - Invisible barrier that prevents magical effects

Antipathy - Object or location repels type of creature or alignment

Antiplant Shell - Invisible barrier protects from plant attacks

Arcane Eye - Invisible magical sensor sends you visual information

Arcane Lock -

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