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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the Sirine is a fey. Although based upon malevolent Sirens of Greek mythology, the Sirines of D&D are usually benevolent, being playful, peaceful and fun-loving fey of the sea.

Physical description Edit

Sirines resemble highly attractive human women. They wear flowers in their hair and their ragged clothing typically leaves little to the imagination. Some Sirines are blue-skinned.

Personality Edit

Sirines are actually playful, gregarious creatures dwelling on sandy beaches, secluded coves and rocky islands that love to sing, swim, dance, and laugh. They frequently draw strangers into their games and parties, but they rarely grant such visitors more than a few hours of their time. Sirines often dwell near coastal towns and villages, and can speak the local language. Occasionally they help bands of adventurers.

Sirines are usually chaotic neutral in alignment.

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