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In the World of Greyhawk campaign setting, Phyton is the Suel god of nature, beauty, and farming. Phyton's symbol is a scimitar in front of an oak tree.


Phyton is most often depicted as a tall, handsome man, slender and youthful-looking, though he can appear as any creature of the forest.


Phyton was once like most other nature deities, but now represents man's dominance over nature, which pits him and his followers against druids, other nature gods, and others who would protect the wild from mankind's depredations. For this reason, he is a foe of Obad-Hai. Wee Jas also bears Phyton great enmity, for his dominion over beauty.


Clergy and templesEdit

Phyton's priests believe that man can always improve on the design of nature, be it clearing forests for agriculture, cutting roads through mountains, building dams, draining swamps, redirecting rivers, culling ugly or harmful plants, or domesticating animals. They protect farming communities and look for ways to best use the land to man's advantage. Each often chooses a region to oversee, usually one day's walk in diameter.

Followers and temples of Phyton can be found in Geoff, the Gran March, Highfolk, the Pale, Ratik, the Duchy and Principality of Ulek, the Urnst States, and among the humans of Celene.


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There is an article about Phyton at the Great Library of Greyhawk.

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