This article is based on material by:
Holly Ingraham
  • Author: Holly Imgraham
  • Publisher: McFarland & Company, Inc
  • ISBN# 0-7864-0187-7
  • Page Count: 613
  • Writers Guide


Name creation, long a challenge for the budding D&D adventure writer who’s seeking a realistic sounding name for his latest NPC, be it King or Knave. This book lists names from the Dark Ages to Modern, from India to the Streets of England. As a writers resource it’s used to select the proper name both in usage and pronunciation for that particle nation and age. Both male and female names are explored in detail, not their meanings but how they are spelled, pronounced and in some cases used in society. As a resource book its value is for its verity in the number of nations used and the ages in time, thus the books not limited to ancient names and can be used for a Modern Horror game, a Victorian adventure or for a standard medieval bloke.

Book detailsEdit

• The book has extensive listings of names listed by age and location.
• Pronunciation guides are offered in many sections to explain how to articulate the name chosen.
• A special section in how to create your own names using a system where the names created are all part of an ethnic unit

Sources Edit

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