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- Mount Celestia
- Bytopia
- Elysium
- The Beastlands
- Arborea
- Ysgard
- Limbo
- Pandemonium
- The Abyss
- Carceri
- The Grey waste
- Gehenna
- The Nine Hells
- Acheron
- Mechanus
- Arcadia
- The Outlands

The deities live on the Outer Planes, as do creatures such as celestials, demons, and devils. Each of the Outer Planes has an alignment, representing a particular moral or ethical outlook, and the natives of each plane tend to behave in agreement with that plane’s alignment. The Outer Planes are also the final resting place of souls from the Material Plane, whether that final rest takes the form of calm introspection or eternal damnation.

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