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There are many religions in Kerell. Some are peace-loving religions that help the people, whilst other gods are those who strike anyone they see barbarically. The predominant religion in Kerell is Djinnism, which worships the Djinni (Genie) Ara'ti, who teaches its followers to live together with nature.

Religions in KerellEdit


Pelor is the main God in human civilisations. The clerics of Pelor heal people, and smite the evil. The clerics of the Sun always try to help thee good men, and will punish evil on sight. Pelor's religion actively tries to convert people, especially orcs, to join their religion. (The orcs, normally, do not.)

Bard traditionsEdit

The bards who roam the lands of Kandlazza often meet together, and once there was a meeting which the laws of Bardism was founded. The bards live their life together with nature, and travel frequently across Kandlazza. (Bards occur elsewhere, but mainly in Kandlazza - the populations of the other kingdoms are very small it is unlikely that there are many bards.) The bards have a passionate sense of music, and the clerics of their many gods often are bards who have learnt some sense of music. Their religion has many hymns, many of which are played on the lute, a popular instrument of the bards.


The largest religion in the world, the Chaotic Good genie Ara'ti promotes life with nature. Apart from this, there are not too many rules in Djinnism. Most Djinnists are people who have met the prophet of Ara'ti, who is known by many as Aladdin. Aladdin, according to the legend, found the way to summon Ara'ti, and set Ara'ti free. Aladdin then went on to actively promote the religion. There is a population of about fifteen-million people in the world, and at least six million follow Djinnism.

God of Barbarianism (human)Edit

This God is often depicted as a strong, tough, and semi-naked man who lives in the wild. He is tattooed on the back (as are his followers) and wields a longspear. He wears a wooden mask, similar to that of a voodoo priest. He doesn't mind other religions and other gods, except from the orcish gods.

Orcish GodsEdit

These gods are worshipped by the orcish tribes, and sometimes by civilised orcs as well. The orcish religion is unknown to mankind, so there is not much description here. The orcish gods tell their followers to take all that is rightfully theirs (which is 99.9% of the world anyway).

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