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There are many different races in Kerell, including the standard races: humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, etc.

Halfling populationEdit

The population of Halflings have fallen dramatically since the ruthless ruler Tasyn murdered five million Halflings under his rule by beheadding and hanging and burning. The Halflings mainly fled to Kandlazza now, which is why there is a huge population of about five hundred thousand Halflings in Kandlazza. The Halflings are now welcomed back on Isdantia, that being their home town. There stands a Halfling population of about one million Halflings in Kerell.

Orc populationEdit

Many orcs were genocided by the Emperor of Kandlazza about fifteen years ago. Emperor Hawkins was a ruthless emperor, unlike his son, who rules today. Hawkins ordered an army of ten-thousand mounted Imperial Cavalry to charge into the forests. Backed up by the human tribes (at war with the orc tribes) the orcs were soon wiped out. Only a few orc tribes escaped, and are still at war with the humans.

Also, orc blood has been made "impure" as many newer-generation orcs married the humans, after truces were signed in the last few months. The half-orc children are persecuted by both human and orc, and often escape to deeper in the forests, where their self-sufficient skills help them survive, hunting food and living with nature.

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