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The Kako-Kandlazza war was an ongoing war between Empires Kakados and Kandlazza (see Kerell Nations)

Origins of the warEdit

The war was initiated one thousand years ago, shortly before the building of The School of Magery in Omnini. It was originally a religious war: the people of Kandlazza followed the Sun God Pelor, wheras the Empire of Kakados followed Djinnism. (Notably, both religions teaches peace.) However, the religious motives of the war were soon forgotten after many generations. It turned into a wealth war, one Empire always wanting the resources of another.

Relative GeographyEdit

Kakados and Kandlazza both lie on the northern hemisphere of Kerell, with Kakados being north of Kandlazza, separated by the Sea of Brah'ala. The war mostly consisted of sea-battles, as such. The Sea of Brah'ala was officially declared a war zone by both nations.

Advantage: KandlazzaEdit

Kandlazza was more technologically advanced, adopting the use of muskets and other gunpowder weapons. They had more soldiers, and more money, and thus had the resources to develop better weapons and armour. The typical Imperial soldier of Kandlazza was armed with an adamantine-tipped spear or longspear, with a metallic shield and breastplate or chainmail.

Advantage: KakadosEdit

Kakados, although being poorer, had more sorcerors and wizards hired from Omnini. They had better magic, and the School of Magery of Omnini provided Kakados with many items and shapers. The shapers had many Summon Monster spells at their disposal, and these incredibly potent monsters were able to kill many Kandlazza troops.

The End of the WarEdit

When the last Emperor of Kakados died, and Tasyn and Istana came to rule New Kakados, or Isdantia (named after Istana), the people were fed up with the death of many innocent people caused by the many battles in the thousand-years war. The school had been closed down, and the Isdantians were losing badly. About ten years ago, Tasyn (now ruling alone after he murdered Istana) conceded to the Emperor of Kandlazza, calling for a ceasefire, which the Kandlazza people promptly accepted (Kandlazza took many losses also).

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