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Iron Crypt of the Heretics is a d20 Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure written for Dungeons & Dragons by Harley Stroh. For character levels 11-13, DCC #12.5 send the PCs into a forbidden crypt rife with deadly traps and challenging puzzles. In 2006, Iron Crypt of the Heretics was released in a 1e version at GenCon Indy. The 1e release included new encounters by Harley Stroh, and the 1e coversions by Jon Hershberger. After all copies sold out the first day of the convention, the 1e version was printed a second time.




The first printing of the 1e version of the adventure is highly sought after, and sellers sometimes misrepresent the original 3.5 version, and the second 1e printing as the true GenCon first printing.[1]

Identifying characteristics of the 1e version (either 1st or 2nd printing) is the starbust on the cover that mark the adventure as a ENnie nominee. Identifying characteristics of the true 1e first printing are the mis-numbered area key on the map on the inside cover. Buyers should be careful and wary if they believe they are purchasing the true 1e first printing.


DCC #12.5 received a nomination for Best Adventure, ENnies 2006.[2]

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