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The Inner Planes comprise the fundamental forces which serve as the building blocks of all the multiverse. They include six major planes, each solely devoted to a single force. These are the four Elemental Planes and two Energy Planes. Although each of the major inner planes is considered infinite in its own right there are vast areas where they overlap with each other, creating the twelve minor planes known as the Paraelemental Planes and Quasielemental Planes.  The major planes combine within the minor planes, effectively creating elemental alloys.

It is possible to travel between elemental planes through the minor planes, going from the Elemental Plane of Water to the Elemental Plane of Earth by way of the Paraelemental Plane of Ooze. However, there are no planes known to exist which connect opposing elements: Fire & Water, Earth & Air, Positive & Negative.

Elemental Planes Edit





Energy Planes Edit



Paraelemental Planes Edit

Fire - Magma - Earth

Earth - Ooze/Mud - Water

Water - Ice - Air

Air - Smoke - Fire

Quasielemental Planes Edit

Positive Quasielements: Edit

Fire - Radiance

Earth - Mineral

Water - Steam

Air - Lightning

Negative Quasielements: Edit

Fire - Ash

Earth - Dust

Water - Salt

Air - Vacuum

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