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I'm revising the way we look at the death in the game. Under specific circumstances will the character be truly dead.

So, you have 0 HP, what now?

There is no longer negative HP. Once HP hits 0 the character drops, all spells requiring concentration fail. All items in hand drop, the character falls prone. And that's it. All spell effects on the body stay, poison still effects the body. All damage effects halt. The character takes 1 point of con damage.

Now, for a character to be dead at this point one or more of the following must occur.

  • 1. The type of damage destroys the characters body, such as a

major fire, acid bath etc.

  • 2. A crit attack that kills such as a decapitation.
  • 3. Con dropped to zero.
  • 4. Coup de Grace from an enemy. The enemy must complete this

attack to kill the character.

  • 5. A death effect occurs. A death effect is one in which a

character is knocked to 0 HP on any attack roll, either from a weapon, trap, spell or effect that rolls a natural 20

  • 6. The body is beyond retrieval.
  • 7. The party flees, leaving the body.

The -10 is now dropped. So at the end of combat the character may be revived by a healing type spell or a heal skill roll at 15, granting 1 HP. (Yes you can take 10). These steps require 1 minute to revive a character from deaths door.

Being revived during combat requires the use of a fate point; the PC gains 1/4 HP and may stand and can be healed by spells etc.

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