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The Healer is a master of curing and other healing spells, and also raises the dead. Healers are also elite woodsmen, who are able to survive in the wild. Healers, like Druids, may be found in the forests, or may be found in large cities, often charging a price for their spells.

Although the Healer is a woodsman, his spells do not control the weather and the world. Instead, the spells cover mainly healing spells.

HD: d6
Attacks: 1/2 of level.
Saves: Good Fort/Will, Poor Ref.
Skill points: 5+Int mod per level.

Class skills: Concentrate, Craft, Handle Animal, Heal, Knowledge (geography), Knowledge (nature), Profession, Spellcraft, Survival

Proficiency: Simple weapons, Padded and Leather armour, and light wood shield.

Equipment: 3d6x10 gold pieces.


The Healer casts spells as Clerics and Druids would. He can cast the same number of spells per day as druids can.

  • 0th - Cure Minor Wounds
  • 1st - Cure Light Wounds
  • 2nd - Cure Moderate Wounds, Neutralise Poison, Remove Blindness/Deafness, Remove Paralysis, Remove Disease
  • 3rd - Cure Serious Wounds, Cure Light Wounds Mass
  • 4th - Cure Critical Wounds, Cure Moderate Wounds Mass, Reincarnate
  • 5th - Cure Serious Wounds Mass, Restoration
  • 6th - Cure Critical Wounds Mass, Heal, Regenerate, Raise Dead
  • 7th - Resurrection
  • 8th - Greater Restoration, True Resurrection
  • 9th - Miracle

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