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A character or a monster is considered Gargantuan when he, she or it stands 32 to 64 feet tall while weighing 16 to 125 tons. Such creatures usually take a 20 ft. square of place and have 15 ft. reach if they are long and 20 ft. reach if they are tall.

A Gargantuan creature gets a -4 size penalty to Armor Class and attack rolls, a +12 size bonus to grapple checks and a -12 size penalty on Hide checks. A Huge creature’s carrying capacity is 8 times as good as that of a Medium character (12 times for quadrupeds). A Gargantuan creature uses much larger weapons than a Medium character.

Those a bit smaller than Gargantuan size are considered Huge, those a bit bigger are called Colossal,those twice as big as Gargantuan are called Humongous, and those even BIGGER are known as Titans

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