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This is an example adventure to show one of the ways that you can format it.


This is where you put information about the current adventure. You could put a lot of things here, but the least of them should be:

  • Author
  • Recommended Level
  • Summary


This is where you could put the actual adventure. For example:

Group A goes to Place A. At Place A, they fight a group of Bad Guys who are protecting the Really Bad Guy. If they win, they get the Really Big Sword of Certain Death. If they lose, they get beheaded.

This is obviously a bad adventure, but the point is, you can put the adventure itself here.


Here you can put down all the statistics of the things that need to be killed and the things that need to stay alive. For example, you would put all of the bad guys attacks, health, and rewards here.


You can put the treasure that they win overall here, or you could put special awards, or both. For example, if Group A kills the Really Bad Guy without any of them being knocked out.

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