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In the Dungeons & Dragons game, ethergaunts are ancient aberrations that once inhabited the Material Plane, but nearly ten millennia ago abandoned it for the Ethereal Plane. They view the current inhabitants of the Material Plane as vermin infesting their ancient homeworld, and seek to exterminate them.

Ethergaunts look like extremely emaciated humanoids standing nearly 8 feet tall. They hide their alien faces behind masks, while tendrils hang from their head like long hair. Ethergaunts refer to themselves as "khen-zai". Their society consists of a rigid caste system. Ethergaunts reproduce asexually once during their lifespans. Known for their advanced technology, ethergaunts employ a variety of unique items.

Types of EthergauntsEdit

Black Ethergaunt: Black ethergaunts stand at the pinnacle of khen-zai society, honored as near divine philosopher-scientists.

Red Ethergaunt: The reds serve the race as scouts, trackers, and low-level diplomats.

White Ethergaunt: The whites serve the race as scholars, philosophers, diplomats, and bureaucrats.

Each caste or "level" of ethergaunt is characterized by a commensurate step in intelligence from the one below it.

Ethergaunts are easily the most intelligent mortal race, with the lowest grade ethergaunt having an average intelligence score in the mid-twenties (according to 3.5 D&D status scores), with the highest Black Ethergaunts having intelligence ratings in the mid-forties. The average Ancient dragon may be lucky to have an intelligence rating close to 30. These incredible intelligences are what has allowed etherguants to develop some of the most advanced technology in the D&D universe. Indeed, they reject magics for technology and scientific principles. Of course, their level of advanced technology appears quite magical to less advanced races (i.e. everyone else).



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