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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy setting, energons are enimatic, incorporeal outsiders found throughout the Inner Planes.

In the first edition only two types were known to exist, the xag-ya and xeg-yi, and the generic term "energon" was not used. These were associated with positive and negative energy, respectively. Energons associated with different types of energy were introduced later.

Energons appear as incorporeal floating globes with a pair of spots that resemble eyes. A half-dozen to a dozen tentacles protrude from the sphere. Energons look like octopuses when they "swim" through the air.

Types of EnergonsEdit

  • Xac-Yel — Energons associated with fire.
  • Xac-Yij — Energons associated with acid.
  • Xag-AzPsionic energons that have evolved on the Astral Plane.
  • Xag-Ya — Energons associated with positive energy.
  • Xap-Yaup — Energons associated with electricity.
  • Xeg-Yi — Energons associated with negative energy.
  • Xong-Yong — Energons associated with sonic.
  • Xor-Yost — Energons associated with cold.

Spiritovore EnergonsEdit

Spiritovores are a specific subset of energons native to the Positive Energy Plane. These energons tend and feed upon preincarnate souls. Three types have been identified:

  • Soulsipper — Fishlike energons that mostly feed upon preincarnate souls.
  • Soulmarauder — Mantalike energons that predate upon other energons.
  • Soulscaper — Four-armed, humanoid-shaped spiritovores that tend gardens of life force.


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