Dreadmire (ISBN 0977338339) is a fantasy swamp campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, printed by Spellbinder Games, and created by author Randy Richards. The book used the d20 system/3.0 edition of the rules. At 224 pages it was one of the most extenisve environment and setting books ever published for d20 system/3.0 edition.

Dreadmire, published in 2005

The book includes background material for a swamp/marsh/bog type setting, detailed encounter tables, new spells, new character classes, new feats, new monsters, and magic items that can be used in any d20 setting.

The book also includes three adventures set in the Deadmire setting. One serves as an introduction to the setting and is suitable for begining players. The other two offer more advanced campaign-style play. More detailed examples/samples of the setting can be found on the World of Dreadmire Wiki. [1]

Book ReviewsEdit

  • A review at [2]
  • A review in Knights of the Dinner Table magazine[3], via Kenzer & Company. The review itself is not available online, but it is listed as being in the magazine (near the bottom under the heading "Departments" and then "Brian's Small Press Picks")
  • SpeilXpress, a gaming magazine in Germany. The review[4] is available both in their magazine and online.
  • A staff review at EN World[5].
  • Game Trade Magazine, the gaming industry's leader in game books and accessories, featured Dreadmire[6] as a "Spotlight Item" on page 38.
  • A staff review[7] at, an industry leader in game reviews.
  • A fan review[8] at, an industry leader in game reviews.
  • Readers Reviews, in independent book review[9] company.
  • On, primarily an online book store with reviews[10] by customers.



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