Dragon 360 hi res


The first online version of the Dragon magazine containing both 3.5 and emerging 4.0 content. Requires both membership and a subscription to the D&D Insider to download content.

Theme: The past, present, and future of D&D


  • Designing 4th Edition
Living Around D&D
by Rob Heinsoo
The Ties that Bind
By Andy Collins
No School Like the Old School
By James Wyatt
  • Demonomicon of Iggwilv:
Graz’zt, the Dark Prince (3.5 Article)
By James Jacobs
Art by Jason Engle
  • Lethal Locations:
Dragons of Eberron (3.5 Article)
By Scott Fitzgerald Gray and Nicolas Logue
Art by Brian Hagan and Steve Argyle
Cartography by Mike Schley
  • Ecology of the Death Knight
By Matthew Sernett
Art by Marc Sasso and Steve Argyle
  • Infernal Aristocracy:
The Dukes of Hell
By Robert J. Schwalb
Art by Jim Pavelec
  • Fortress of the Yuan-ti:
The Lost Portals of Castle Serastis (3.5 Adventure)
By Ari Marmell
Art by James Zhang
Cartography by Mike Schley
  • Dragons of Eberron:
Dragon Hoards (3.5 Article)
By Amber E. Scott
Art by Fred Hooper


  • Editorial
Guest Editorial by Kim Mohan
  • Confessions of a Full-Time Wizard:
How Shelly Got Her Game Back
By Shelly Mazzanoble
  • Design & Development
The Core Mechanic (4.0 articles)
By Matt Sernett
D&D Cosmology
By Richard Baker
The Warlock
By Rob Heinsoo
Encounter Design
By Mike Mearls
The D&D Pantheon
By James Wyatt
By Chris Sims

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