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{{Help Wanted|The creators of this homebrew campaign setting seem to be around no longer. Who wants to adopt it and bring it up the required standard?<br>
For all related articles see: [[:Category:Domains of Divinity]]}}
{{Source|[[User:Ahura Amon]]}}
{{Source|[[User:Ahura Amon]]}}

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User:Ahura Amon


Status: Greater Deity

Titles: Ahura Amon, The Wise All-Master

Alignment: Lawful good

Portfolio: Wisdom, Time, Benevolence, Virtue, Wrath, Authority

Domains: Good, Fate, Law, Knowledge, Retribution, Time

Worshipers: The elderly, wizards, philosophers, paladins, commoners, rulers, people in suffering

Symbol:A saphire and a diamond

Dogma: The elderly are part of the estate of Amon. Do not anger Amon with the suffering of any innocet mortal. One is to respect their political masters so that they may go unpunished. Seeking the way of mysticism and prophecy is an essential path for any believer. One must remain respectful to parents unto death. Believers have the right to punish the wicked, who make the innocent suffer. Care must be taken not to turn justice into cruelty. This means that one must ensure that revenge is not taken. Take your suffering to the courts. Finally, the greatest law is "All must love the best path in life for their neighbors, loved ones and themselves."

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