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Explanation Edit

Wikias are marked with two fuzzy labels: one for its size and the other for its activity. Even if there is no activity (the Wikia is dead), there is a chance that you will find some information if the number of pages is high. On the other hand, even an empty Wikia might be useful if it has several active and talkative contributors.

  • Size of Wikia is determined by its Special:Statistics:
    • empty: a newly created Wikia or an abandoned one, a handful of pages
    • 100-: less than a hundred of content pages
    • 1000-: less than a thousand, but more than hundred content pages
    • 1000+: 1000-2000 content pages
    • 2000+: 2000-3000 content pages
    • 3000+: 3000-4000 content pages
    • etc
  • State of Wikia is determined by its Special:Recentchanges:
    • prospering: dozens or hundreds edits per day
    • striving: a couple of edits per day
    • half-dead: a couple of edits every once in a while
    • dead: no sensible edits in the last several weeks
    • up for adoption: you can w:adopt this wikia

Unlike this occasionally updated page, Wikia status changes every day, so please do not get mad if you see that the information here is not true anymore, just fix it.

Recommended Wikias Edit

All these Wikias are striving or prospering and have a lot of articles:

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